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I am a teacher and love your cards… I like these games because they encourage reading (and even struggling readers can work with a partner), quick games can be played (centers or rainy day indoor recesses), and they're affordable. I can also use them to assess those students who have difficulty with regular tests. Playing a game puts them at ease and they quickly forget that they're being tested! Keep up the great work!
K, Grade Four Teacher, Sarnia, ON

I would like to thank you for making a simple, fun and educational game for kids and adults in a time where children's toys are increasingly encouraging passive observation. It makes a great teaching tool!
Bob, teacher

The cards are great. Our programs cater, at the moment, to children 9-15 years. It is often difficult to find games that include this range of ages. Thank you and keep up the great ideas.
Diane, children's nature seminar and camp leader

These games are great for teaching and having fun at the same time… We love them!
Nina, teacher

Your card games are wonderful! I am a second grade teacher in Idaho. Part of our science curriculum is the study of animal characteristics and habitats. We study mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish. We love the games. They are quick if need be and great for center activities. My students ask to play all the time.
Deborah, Second Grade Teacher, Idaho

I love your games!!!!
Alex, children's librarian, Toronto, ON

I have many of your Professor Noggin card games… and my class enjoys playing one of the versions on a regular basis. Thanks,
Lee, fourth grade teacher


These are great games, and our kids who are 13 and 15 still love them, and they are easy to take places when you have to wait, airports, restaurants, all kinds of places, because the boxes are small and they are portable…a great asset for teachers. Something they would love to have in their bag of tricks for a "lighter day" or when there was a substitute, or just for a review before a test.
Heidi, former teacher and parent

I wanted to let you know how much I love your card games. I am a single home schooling mother of two beautiful girls and we are always looking for another fun 'good for your brain' game to play. We really enjoy the time together. I stumbled across your display at a store in Dexter, Maine. Before you know it, I had a stack of boxes and my children had to be the 'mama' and tell me that we didn't need to buy them ALL!!!

We opened up our 'countries of the world' and thoroughly are enjoying it. Maybe me more than them? I absolutely love learning right along with them! Thank you again for a great product! I'm looking forward to watching your success grow :) I also love the simplicity of your website... easy on the eyes....easy and fun to navigate. THANK YOU!
Stephanie, parent, Maine

I like that there is repetition in the design of the game. It is not like any trivia game where if you miss the question you miss the boat. With your games the questions are repeated and you have another chance later to get them right. You actually LEARN something!
Lynda, parent, Canada

My family loves the Professor Noggin cards. We often play them after dinner. I just ordered 7 more sets! Thanks again for your fun games.
Jennifer, parent

I was writing to let you know how much my family and I love your Card Game series. Our children (6 and 9) love the game… they want to keep playing! I will be purchasing many more of your series not only for us but as gifts as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, fun learning tool!
Brooke, parent

We have been your customer for many years and find your Prof. Noggins card games excellent for our family… these kinds of games are very educational and at the same time very, very fun!!! Thank you again for making learning a pleasure!
Cecile, parent and pediatrician, Oregon

I and my children (homeschoolers here in Canada) love your games. It gets my older child reading new words and gets my younger children learning great new facts!
Catharine, home schooling parent, Canada

We use many of your games in homeschooling -- and they're great. Our local bookstore, Main Street BookEnds of Warner, NH, stocks them.
Lois, homeschooling parent, New Hampshire

We love your card games. They are a great source for play learning and fit into my home schooling program very nicely.
Liz, home schooling parent

I just bought a couple of your game cards, and the whole family enjoys these very educative, beautiful cards.
Trisha, parent

Thank you for your card game. My family find it great fun to play, and a fantastic way to learn about science, history and geography.
Neil, parent and physician, Queensland, Australia

My family really enjoys your Professor Noggin card games. We have three so far and I know my son would love to have a lot more. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Kim, parent

Thanks again for the awesome teaching tools and just plain fun!!
Jeanne, parent and teacher

These games are great for teaching and having fun at the same time… We love them!
Nina, parent

We love your games. We bought 4 of them during our two trips to Canada this summer and are planning to buy more.
Eva & Peter (who got all of his 'science' questions correctly in last night's game), Virginia

We really enjoy your card games. We think they are a great way for kids to learn.
Linda, parent

We love playing your games! Thanks,
Robyn, parent

…my kids really like to play it. The two levels are great too, it allows for the age difference for my boys.
Evelyne, parent, New Zealand

I recently returned home over the summer and discovered the Professor Noggin's Card Games. These games were a big hit with my children and was curious to see if I could purchase them here in New Zealand.
Mark, parent, New Zealand

Our family loves your card games and we have many of them.
Kirsten, parent, Canada

My granddaughters (6 and 10) received Professor Noggin games at Chic-fil-a. They love it. My grandson (14) also liked it. Thanks.
Kay, grandmother, United States

I am a Home Schooling mom of 3 for the last 8 years, one of which has graduated...2 still  in home education..we have and do use many of your cards and love them!... as a Home School mom I am always seeking new fun and exciting ways to educate!
Kathy, homeschooling parent, Arizona


We love your card game and have four of them already. My grandmother will buy more for us to play at her house.
Cassandra, granddaughter

My little sister and I enjoy playing your trivia games and we're pretty even matched when it comes to Canadian Geography and History. We've learned a lot about our country thanks to you.
Rebecca, 15, older sister, Ontario

I really like your games. They are fun to play and if you don't know the answer perfectly you can just guess. This morning I played the earth science game with my mom (and my sister Emma on her team.) My brother has the space game.
Gabrielle, sister to Emma

I now have 3 games. They are The Human Body, Life On The Farm, and Outer Space. My Nana has bought them for me in Pharmasave in Qualicum Beach, where she lives. She has promised to get me Wonders of Science, when it comes in. Others I am interested in are, Creatures of Myth and Legend, and Famous Inventions. I like knowing how things work.
Jacob, grandson


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Professor Noggin's Famous Inventions

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Professor Noggin's card games are "easy to play," "great for review," and have two levels of questions.

Professor Noggin's Card Games
This series of 26 games delivers on its promise of being informative, educational and fun! Each game deals with one Science or Social Studies theme (e.g. Inventions, Insects, Medieval Times, History of Canada) and consists of 30 sturdy question cards and a die. The cards are illustrated on one side with a picture that corresponds to the topic of the questions printed on the flip side. Three "Easy" and three "Hard" questions are provided, making the games adaptable to a wide age and ability range. The games are simple to play, portable and sturdy enough to withstand classroom use. Two to eight players or teams can play, making them perfect for small group review of a unit of study, or a "free time" activity.

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