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What should the next Professor Noggin Game be?

Have you got an idea for a new Professor Noggin card game title? Professor Noggin would like to know about it. She is always looking for new topic ideas for her card games. If she likes your idea, it could be made into a game.

Please include the reason why you’d like to see your suggestion made into a Professor Noggin game. Send your suggestions and ideas to

Many games suggested by players like you have already been made. For example:

A parent requested a game on the human body - and the professor invented one!

We're learning about the human body, and wishing we had a Professor Noggin game on this topic!

A parent requested a game on women in history - and the professor invented one!

My family really enjoys your Professor Noggin card games. We have three so far and I know my son would love to have more. I have two suggestions for topics. The first is Famous Women/Women in History… very useful in a classroom setting as well as at home. Thanks and keep up the great work.

An elementary teacher requested a game on the United States - and the professor invented TWO!

I particularly like the idea that each game is centered around a specific science or social studies topic rather than just general questions from those subject areas. I was wondering if perhaps you may be able to make games in the future on… [the] United States.

A science teacher requested a game on the rainforest - and the professor invented one!

I'm … a science teacher. I would love to see the following game in the Professor Noggin's series…Tropical Rainforest.

A parent requested a game on medieval times - and the professor invented one!

I think it would be great if you had a game that covered the middle ages and the renaissance. These games are great supplements to world history studies and my kids LOVE games! We're starting the middle ages next fall and would love to see a game to go along with it!